Nature Love Mere Primy Cap Wet Wipes


If there’s one thing that I find hard to cut out, it’s wet wipes. Babies and kids mess up frequently, and what do you get when you use dry tissue on sticky hands? That’s right, sticky hands and dried bits of tissue. Wet wipes get those sticky hands clean when you’re in the middle of a meal with a preschooler and a toddler.

To our credit, we’ve only used perhaps 30 packs or so since Elise was born. When the babies were newborns, we washed poopy butts in the toilet instead of using wet wipes.

Wet wipes are not made equally, and I’d been using the cheapest brand I could find online which were not embossed. I actually felt rather pampered when I received these. Nature Love Mere Primy cap wet tissues uses water that has undergone a 6 step purification method and mung bean extract, lavender extract, chamomile extract and jasmine extract for moisturising properties. The fragrance is rather mild and not overpowering. The interfold method ensures that only one wipe is released each time.

Instead of the typical sticker with brand logo, this label has a space for you to mark the date it’s been opened.

Remove the label and stick it on the side of the packet, like so.

These wipes are embossed and thick. I’ve tried pulling it in opposite directions with both hands and the shape remains! This means that the wipes can actually be reused after washing to wipe surfaces, corners and even surface remnants from oily dishes before dumping.

Compare these to the brand I’d been using – truly disposable with a stark difference in thickness, texture and quality. With lower quality wipes, I have to use more pieces to get the same job done.

Another feature I noticed was this window system at the side of the packet for you to gauge how many wipes are left and if the wipes are safe to use. Very clever.

The expiry date for wet wipes is one year from the manufacturing date and is clearly printed on the packet. Expired wet wipes can continue to be used for general cleaning purposes. Please do not flush wet wipes down the toilet and dispose them in the trashcan. ūüôā

Travel pack of 20pcs

NatureLoveMere Wet Wipes can be purchased from The Dinky Shop – Lazada / Shopee / Qoo10. Use ShopBack for additional cashback!

Lazada has a birthday sale on 27.03.2019 and you can get Nature Love Mere at a huge discount! ūüôā Other than wet wipes, they stock breast milk bags, laundry detergent and the Dinky Cube, a challenging rubik’s cube with light and music.

* I was sent four packs of Nature Love Mere Primy Cap wet wipes (two travel wipes) and a Dinky Cube by The Dinky Shop for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received.

ShopBack CashBack Buddy

ShopBack Cashback Buddy

I’ve been using ShopBack since April 2017¬†and have since accumulated about S$100 in cashback savings. It is stackable, meaning that store discounts and credit card cashbacks will still apply. The brands that ShopBack works with are well-known and commonly used like Grab, Shopee, Qoo10, Eatigo (cashback on a discount app!) and ASOS.¬†¬†

If you prefer to shop online using a desktop or notebook instead of using the ShopBack app for mobile, here’s a little time-saving hack: the¬†ShopBack Browser extension¬†that is compatible with Chrome (what I’m using), Safari and Firefox. After installing the web extension, it’ll become a tiny icon at the top right corner where you can browse through the top stores or access your account easily.¬†

This web extension was made to save time and cut short on the process to earn cashback. Without the extension, you’d have to first log into ShopBack¬†before navigating to the relevant brand in order to activate the cashback. Only heaven knows how many times I’ve missed out on collecting cashback before installing the extension.

This is one pop-up I’d gladly welcome – a friendly reminder to click for cashback activation.¬†

Once you’ve clicked on the button, the icon turns green and cashback will be recorded.

Not only that, the ShopBack Browser extension¬†highlights stores that are eligible for cashback in search engine results! In red! It’s neat yet attention catching. You’d have to be drunk to miss it.¬†

Taobao with ShopBack
ShopBack has partnered Taobao so you can actually receive a very generous cashback of¬†up to 10%¬†when you shop at Taobao! They’ve come up with an easy to follow guide on how to use Taobao and ShopBack like a boss. It’s time to keep a wish list of items before carting out on 12/12!

The ShopBack extension helps you out with your Taobao shopping by streamlining the process. Without the extension, you will have to search for a product using the search bar in the ShopBack Taobao page before adding to cart the available products in the search results. You will then have to repeat that process by doing another search in the search bar within the ShopBack Taobao page. With the extension, the search bar is embedded in the extension itself so you only need to do your searches in the search bar. That makes it easier!

Steps to collecting CashBack
1. Sign up for a ShopBack account.
2. Add the ShopBack Browser extension to your web browser.
3. Download the ShopBack app for mobile shopping.
4. Activate and accumulate cashback for shopping! Use it for big purchases like air tickets, home appliances, hotel bookings and gadgets if you can’t be bothered to activate cashback for small, frequent purchases (Honestbee, Deliveroo, Foodpanda…)

*** This post was brought to you by ShopBack and written based on my experience using ShopBack and the CashBack Buddy extension.