1 VS 2


As far as I can remember, we’ve been spending entire Saturdays outside, packed to the brim. Elise normally can handle this type of schedule without melting down, while Emmett will nap either in a stroller or carrier when he gets cranky. It was Elise’s turn to be cranky and I carried her in the SSC while holding Emmett’s hand and we were waiting for the bus when Emmett suddenly sprinted away from me in the direction towards the Zoo. Have you ever tried chasing after a 3yo? Emmett is like the reincarnation of Speedy Gonzales and I. COULD. NOT. CATCH. HIM.

I was carrying a heavy backpack and Elise while trying to chase him. Nobody in the opposite direction bothered to block him even after seeing us. I experienced the Bystander Effect. Not blaming them, it’s really none of their business. Until I saw a lady run after Emmett. I lost my balance and fell onto the floor. Emmett continued sprinting away. She continued giving chase and when I reached the entrance of the Zoo, I called out for him and saw her carrying him towards me. She also has two children herself aged 5 and 7 and she actually bothered to help a total stranger and asked me multiple times if I was alright before letting us go on our way. 😭

Emmett was definitely overtired. He knocked out after another round of chiding.


1. Am I too stubborn by thinking I can handle two kids alone?

2. Emmett has done The Sprint before and apparently he “doesn’t know how to listen” even I’ve warned him. In fact, I’ve made sure to hold his hand for most of today.Any suggestions for correcting this behaviour other than smacking?

3. It seems like I’ll have to bring the stroller out next week onwards even though it’s 100x more cumbersome and harder to navigate public transport and take taxis with.

4. The Husband is not usually included in our Saturday trips because he will melt in the heat and I like my kids to be outdoors. We go to the Zoo so often because it’s a relatively controlled and enclosed environment as compared to a nature park with multiple trails.

5. An option is to spend a leisurely Saturday at home, but I feel like it’s a waste of precious time.