The Curious Case of the Comforter

What is my only comforter doing sprawled on my bathroom floor? I put it there of course. Why did I put it there?

About an hour ago, I was preparing to rest for the night. I flipped the blanket over myself, only to realise that it wet my thigh. With a baby or toddler, you really don’t need to switch on the lights to know what caused the wet patch – it’s either one of the Ps (pee or puke). I won the lucky prize of a large patch of baby vomit.

I woke him up and he didn’t even realise she puked. There was no vomit around Elise’s mouth and she was sound asleep. Upon getting out of bed, I also stepped onto┬ásome vomit. Before sleeping, my husband let Elise nibble on an apple he was eating so the vomit must have been bits of apple. I still have no idea when Elise vomited and how it was covered up without realising.

After rinsing off solid bits of puke from the comforter, I left it on the floor. I’ll have to bring it to the laundromat tomorrow.

I could rage at my husband but it is probably not a fight I should pick. He didn’t cause her to vomit and he has been working late recently so he doesn’t have much time to spend with Elise before her bedtime. *ZEN*

Same same, but different

It is 4:30 A.M.

You hear a faint whining coming from somewhere near you. 
You look around, and see that a person is lying down and has just soiled herself.

You are unsure if you should wake her up, or leave her lying down. You decide to clean her up a bit.

She appears to be thirsty, so you give her a bit to drink.
After being drinking, she proceeds to throw up over your tee shirt. 

Then she begins to laugh and smile at you. 
“What’s so funny”, you think to yourself.
She doesn’t respond, but continues to smile. 

She’s still smiling.

Drunk woman on the streets?
No. My daughter.

I woke up to her whining, and found that she had a wet diaper. I was about to wear a new diaper for her when she decided it was a good time to pee. I put on the new diaper for her nonetheless, hosed down the changing mat and fed her a bit. 

She continued whining after her milk, so I was cuddling her when she threw up over herself and my tee…and gave me a bright smile. She kept smiling even after I washed her up. I put her tummy to tummy, and she vomited again. -_- 

Thankfully my father took over and soothed her back to sleep. 

Just another day.