Review: Wen’s Whitebait Powder


Though newly set up in March 2018, Su Wen, the founder of Wen’s Whitebait Powder, is no stranger to the industry. Her family has been importing seafood from their family-owned fisheries into Singapore since the 1960s. Wen’s Whitebait Powder is a combination of her experience dealing with fisheries and the aim to provide a healthy and convenient fish supplement for busy parents. 

Wen’s Whitebait Powder specialises in whitebait powder, which is ground whitebait that can used to supplement our daily nutritional requirements. Its newly launched product is the Crunchy Whitebait, a healthy snack that’s baked and unsalted. 

Quick Facts

  • Wen’s is the only food powder company that has control over its source as it harvests whitebait from Wen’s family-owned fisheries in Senayang, Riau Islands in Indonesia
  • Only one ingredient – whitebait. As Wen’s has no added seasoning or preservatives, it can be safely added into food for babies 6 months and up
  • Whitebait is not ikan bilis – whitebait is fish fry that can be eaten whole (Wen’s uses herring) and ikan bilis are anchovies which must be gutted before consumption
  • Wen’s is processed and packed at its SFA-certified food factory 
  • “Fresh” whitebait sold in the local wet markets with a whitish appearance actually contain a lot of sodium due to the preservation process of salting, drying and freezing. At Wen’s, salting and de-salting is done within hours to maintain maximum freshness.
  • Fresh guarantee – made fresh with whitebait imported weekly


Wen’s has documented the journey from fishery-to-fork in a video for everyone to have a clearer understanding of what a pack of whitebait powder exactly contains. There is only one ingredient listed on the packaging – whitebait. 

Harvesting, salting & drying
– Catch is harvested from a kelong in the open waters 
– Catch is cooked in salted water for 3 minutes and left to dry. Small fishes must be salted to maintain freshness. 
– Fishes are sent to nearby Senayang to be sun-dried for half a day
– Whitebait is carefully separated from the other fishes by hand
– Whitebait is desalted by rinsing several times with warm water and a secret technique
– Rinsed whitebait is sun-dried for a day

Further processing
– Exported into Singapore for further processing at its SFA-certified food factory 
– Whitebait is baked for a few minutes 
– Ground, sieved and packed into tamper-proof packaging

Nutritional Value

The nutrition facts displayed by Wen’s Whitebait Powder have been tested and proven by a Singapore Accreditation Council approved laboratory. 

  • More DHA and essential minerals than formula milk 
    Wen’s Whitebait Powder has been tested to contain more DHA (2010mg vs 30mg/100g), calcium (1590mg vs 620mg/100g), magnesium (282mg vs 43mg/100g) and phosphorus (1400mg vs 390mg/100g) than X brand formula milk.
  • High in calcium
    Just one 2g serving fulfils 12% of the daily calcium requirements (260mg) of a 6-12 month old baby 
  • Contains essential minerals 
    Potassium – keeps muscles working right, keeps heartbeat regular
    Phosphorus – filters waste, repairs tissue and cells
    Fun fact: Phosphorus from animal origins are more easily absorbed by the body than phosphorus from plant origins
    Magnesium keeps muscles, bones and nerves healthy
    Zinc – regulates immune system
  • Low in sodium
    In every 2g serving, Wen’s Whitebait Powder has a negligible 0.007mg of sodium compared to a well-known ikan bilis seasoning powder sold commercially that contains a staggering 305mg of sodium! 
knorr ikan bilis

Texture, taste and Smell

Wen’s Whitebait Powder is marketed as a fish supplement especially suitable for babies older than six months old as well as pregnant women. It can be added to the meals of people who require soft diets to boost their calcium intake.

Appearance: Fine, sand-coloured powder
Taste: Not salty. No lingering after-taste. It may taste bland because adults have duller taste buds. Babies have extremely sensitive taste buds, therefore they do not require added salt, sugar or soy sauce in their meals. 
Smell: Light smell of the sea

Usage and Recommended Amount

Wen’s Whitebait Powder can be sprinkled on top of cooked food, mixed into soups or included into marinades. The simplest way is to add it to porridge or into fried rice. 

You can easily increase the nutritional content of the meals by adding a serving of Wen’s Whitebait Powder. There is a small wooden spoon provided for you to easily measure out one serving. 

The risk of over-consumption is low, as the limit is 80 grams (2g*40 scoops) of powder.

Commitment to Quality

Wen’s is committed to providing the best quality, and it’s not purely a marketing phrase that’s thrown around. 

They sent out samples of a mushroom powder which received favourable feedback but they decided against launching the product, simply because they have decided to focus on improving on the quality of their fishery and improve control on the source. 

Where to Purchase

Wen’s Whitebait Powder can be purchased directly from their online store, baby fairs that they participate in and in-store retailers in Singapore


This is a paid collaboration with Wen’s Whitebait Powder. As such, care and caution has been taken to provide only factual information. 

Realisations about Life with a Toddler

Elise is 13 months now and has graduated from being a baby to a toddler. She’s more assertive, mischievous, tries to push boundaries (because she doesn’t know what the boundaries are) and vocal. There’s a stark difference between parenting a baby and a toddler. It’s the next stage of our video game. I’ve come up with some realisations about this stage.

  1. Co-sleeping with a toddler = Toddler Taekwondo
    We have been co-sleeping with Elise ever since she was an infant. She sleeps in between us on a king-sized bed. For someone that little, she takes up way too much space. She does a 360 degree rotation and wriggles around to find her perfect spot. I’d be sleeping when I get whacked on the face with her arm. I’ve also woken up in the middle of the night to find her sleeping precariously at the edge of the bed where our feet are. We’re going to get a new mattress so we can kick her out of our bed and reclaim it.

    – Knowing your baby is right beside you
    – Being able to comfort her without having to get out of bed

  2. Cons:
    – Decreased sleep quality for everyone
    Dead bedroom
  3. Peaceful Toilet Time? Not happening anymore

    Elise has a new habit where she goes right up to the toilet door, repeatedly slams on it and yells at you to finish your business until you come out. Toddlers have no concept of privacy. This kid is determined.
  4. There are only very few baby items which are essential

    I went on overdrive when I was pregnant and by the time Elise was born, I had close to everything, plus a few toys which she will take a few years to grow into (wooden kitchen set, anyone?). It’s only when the first year is over that you realise what is necessary and what is rather useless.It’s also why when it comes to the subsequent kids, we only purchase the bare necessities (clothes, toiletries, bottles).

  5. Toddler Discipline should start early

    Elise had her first post-op playdate with her October buddies a few days ago. Elise kept touching Hana’s head and attempted to bite her, K wanted to play with Matty’s ride on scooter and Matty had to deal with sharing all his toys with his friends. They’re at the age where they haven’t completely grasped the concept of sharing yet, so we kept having to break up petty fights.
    Our babies were born into our world without knowing social norms and rules. That’s why we cannot expect toddlers to behave in-line with our cultures and guidelines. Instead, we need to guide them into finding proper ways to express themselves while being nice to others.

     As parents, we need to take charge of discipline at home rather than push the responsibility to others. We cannot expect schools, grandparents, nannies or domestic helpers to discipline our kids for us. The last thing I want is for Elise to grow up to become a self-entitled, arrogant brat.Discipline does not need to be terrifying for the child. “Don’t scold her, she’s still young” is NOT an excuse to back down on discipline for young toddlers. Every incident can be a teaching opportunity. I need to work on my tone though, because my dad says I don’t sound scary enough when I tell Elise”no”.

  6. Toddlers have an immense capability for learning

    Now that I’m no longer required to be present in the office daily, my role has switched from a FTWM to a WFHM. It appears to be a luxury, but all I can say is that each role comes with its own responsibilities and challenges. It’s my third week of spending 24/7 with Elise, and she surprises me at how fast she learns.After seeing her friends walk unassisted at the play date, she has started walking unassisted for more steps with confidence. Yesterday, she took her longest unassisted stride from the bedroom to the living room and when she realised that she did it, she had the biggest grin on her face.
    Just this morning, I realised there was a missing ball from her toy and questioned her “Where’s the ball?”. She crawled to a short drawer and peered below it. Sure enough, the missing ball was right under, out of her reach. She has better memory than me. She is fascinated by books and can be entertained for hours with the same few lift-the-flap books. My dad uses this to introduce new vocabulary to her.

    While she still speaks in her own language, she understands most instructions.Now is the best time to bring her out more so she can explore her interests, develop new abilities and learn through play before she begins formal education (10 years of hitting the books. I wonder if there’s a way out of typical Singapore education).I could plonk her in front of the television or entertain her with a tablet full of childrens’ programmes but doesn’t maximise her capabilities. I want to do more.Whoever said having a kid was easy?