Inserting Eye Prosthesis – Retinoblastoma

Elise’s doctors made a request a long time ago for a video of Elise inserting her prosthesis to show other young patients who have yet to undergo enucleation. The prosthesis isn’t supposed to be removed and inserted regularly, because it will cause her lower eyelid to weaken. If it’s too weak, it won’t be able to keep her prosthesis in place, so obviously I didn’t keep removing it for her to practice. We mostly waited.

Someday last week, it fell out when she rubbed it so I asked if she’d like to try fitting it in herself. In any case, it’s a skill she needs to learn.I’m proud of her positive attitude and bright personality. I don’t think it was passed down from either of us. I promptly sent the video to her doctors and gave them the permission to show it to their patients. Mission Accomplished.

Apparently, some of them visit my blog to find out more about retinoblastoma and enucleation. Honestly speaking, it’s not profitable and I post more on IG now, but I know that many parents and patients have found encouragement through my posts on the blog so I’ll try to keep it hosted or export all the content to a free site. I’m glad that we’re at least making a positive contribution to society in this aspect.

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