Review: Splat Paint House

“The process is more important than the goal”. Yesterday, I took the kids to @splatpainthouse where they got to immerse themselves artistically. It helped that there were many talented visitors around us experimenting with marbling and blow painting.

In this second floor shophouse studio, mess is encouraged and celebrated. The walls and floors are blotched with bits of dried paint and visitors can do anything they want with the resources available. There are no trainers to advise on art techniques. It’s pretty therapeutic. There’s no stress of having to paint within the lines or be graded on your completed piece.

Limited only by their own creativity, the kids blew paint out a straw, flicked their paintbrushes against the canvas, mixed and poured and used their hands to feel the paint. At one point, Emmett even dipped the string of his hoodie into green paint because he wanted to “paint the snake green”.

Would I bring them back? Certainly. It’s not extremely affordable but I’ll gladly pay the premium so I don’t lose my marbles wiping paint off the ceiling.

Splat Paint House

207a Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574346

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