Today marks the fifth year we signed the legal papers. We registered our marriage in Korea earlier but didn’t hold any ceremony – all we did was fill up a form at the district office and get them to register it in their system. We didn’t really intend to have a celebration here, but my aunt and uncle generously offered to help us organise a simple ROM ceremony at their home. It was a warm and humid afternoon and everyone was perspiring buckets in their dresses and shirts. 😅 My husband butchered his hair by going to a cheapo salon the day before and it resembled a bird’s nest. I was a heavily pregnant whale who didn’t bother to exercise. 🤣 In these five years, we’ve mellowed down a lot. At the start, we had the most dramatic arguments involving flying objects to being surrounded by crowds in a mall during a shouting match, him leaving the house to cool down, me spam-calling him whenever he was out with his friends.We have both grown in various aspects. We’ve added two minions, expanded our waistlines (his abs have converged into a blob of fat) and I can now counter his arguments in Korean while making sense. Even after five years, there are moments where my actions cause him to fanboy over me. Case in point: I was working out and he stood by the door and went “You’re so cute!”. There must be something fatally attractive about me for him to feel that way when I’m overweight with a tummy and in my ratty tee and shorts. #hotmamaalert 치.명.적.인.매.력. And that’s how a post about my wedding anniversary ends, with me weird flexing about how he still finds me desirable. If a man can feel that way after witnessing two natural deliveries from the bloody side and can handle all my emotional outbursts, I guess he’s in for the long-run.

#weddinganniversary #결혼기념일

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