Earning Side Income as a Stay-at-Home-Parent

Many Stay-at-Home parents feel the need to supplement their household income due to various factors. I currently work from home and multi-hyphenate myself. I’m a translator-sales support admin-marketer-writer. 

I started freelancing in 2014, translating and transcribing articles from Korean to English. From there on, more opportunities came in from acquaintances and online platforms. My current fixed salary job requires me to work for 4 hours every weekday morning. I chanced upon the job advert on Facebook and sent my resume in, had an hour-long interview, secured the job and popped by the office with my baby to collect my work laptop.

The other jobs are considered ad-hoc and I only need to submit what is required by a certain deadline. It helps that the people I work with understand my situation and don’t breathe down my neck for work. Though I don’t spend much on myself, a steady stream of income helps with the fixed expenses like insurance, playgroup fees and bills. 

It sounds like a lot of work, yet the money I earn cannot compare to a full-time job with CPF and benefits. However, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, unless you’re able to earn passive income. My present arrangement allows me to be around my kids, cook lunch and dinner, break up their fights and witness their milestones. On certain days, I get to bring them out for play dates too.

I’ve come up with some ways that you can use to make money while watching the kids. 


1. Be around your children all day long

2. Zero travelling time, no need to squeeze with the morning crowd
3. Work in your pajamas
4. No need to be subjected to your colleague’s bad choice of music or gossip

1. Be around your children all day long
2. Extra help required to watch your kids when working, or sacrifice your sleep
3. No CPF, bonuses or benefits that are typically available to full timers 
4. Little face-to-face interaction with other working adults

Types of Work-from-Home Jobs

1. Multi Level Marketing

MLM is known as multi level marketing and typically, people shun away from these type of jobs due to the negative connotations attached. Each MLM operates in their own way. Some offer member rates for products, some allow you to earn commission from your down lines. 

To start as a member, you usually have to commit a minimum sum to purchase stock or pay a membership fee. You’ll then have to market the products on your own channels or direct to friends or family. 

The more popular MLM companies in Singapore include Mary Kay, Wowo, Tupperware, Young Living, dOterra, NuSkin and Herbalife. 


2. Administrative

Administrative jobs are outsourced office roles and can range from marketing, data entry, sales support, telemarketing, accounting and the like. 

Truth be told, there aren’t many bosses who entertain the idea of remote working and prefer that the employee commutes daily to and fro a physical office as it requires a higher level of trust that the employee is actually working and not skiving off. There are a number of job advertisements on Facebook that claim to teach you how to work from home with “only a smartphone and Internet connection, earn thousands a week”. It doesn’t take a genius to sniff out such schemes which will only waste your time. 

I once chanced upon a legitimate job offer as a remote PA but the salary was too little for what was required and there was a weekly compulsory meeting. No go. You have to know that work is essentially exchanging your time for money. Don’t let others pay chump change. Know what you’re worth.

There are genuine job offers for remote work in Singapore. Try searching in job portals using keywords like “remote”, “work from home” and “telecommuting”. 

3. Creative

If you possess a skill gained from school or work, don’t let it go to waste! Perhaps you’re an Adobe expert and can do graphic design or video editing, or can write. Are you proficient at two or more languages? There are plenty of people seeking freelancers and their skills. Sign up with freelancing sites or sites like Mums@Work.

I signed up with ProZ.com as a translator and secured a few clients from there. I also get paid for writing articles for a parenting website. 

If you have an eye for design, start your own Instagram page and build up a following as that’s where the traffic is at. Blogging for me is therapeutic and it has yet to be sustainable as I haven’t activated the ad widget…

4. Small Home Business

According to HDB’s guidelines for home businesses, you can use your residential address as a base for your baking or craft business. Talented at sewing? Start a sewing page and take in assignments. Like animals and have experience? Be a pet sitter. However, be sure to follow the guidelines and not operate illegal businesses. 

5. Trading

At the crux of every retail business is one main philosophy – Buy Low, Sell High. You can find a supplier, buy stocks to repackage and resell on other online platforms. Bringing in stocks requires a minimum investment sum, unless you work on pre-order basis where you collect deposits before placing orders. 

Carousell, despite the few negative encounters that I’ve had, still remains a worthy platform to trade unwanted items for cash. 

6. Surveys

Join survey groups on Whatsapp or Facebook to be notified of the latest surveys. There will be a list of criteria to meet before you’ll be accepted for a survey, which is why I have yet to successfully complete one. 🙁 Don’t fret, as the survey topics are varied and recruiters are always on the look out for respondents.

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