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Tugga Baby specialises in customised handmade teething accessories for infants and chewellery (chewable accessories) for moms and dads. More than just teethers, she also crafts pacifier/toy chains, keychains and fabric necklaces. She works with a mix of silicone, wood, crocheted beads and fabric. The wood pieces are made from beech wood and you can opt for them to be coated with an in-house wood balm made from beeswax and organic jojoba oil to protect and maintain its condition.

Mama Tugga is a SAHM with two young children below 3 years old and she does this as a hobby during her free time after her chores. 

There are many online stores selling customised teethers, but only a few work with wood, and even lesser can do engraving on wood as it requires a separate engraving machine and the know-how to operate it. 

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A sweet pacifier chain for a sweet baby girl 🌹

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She has silicone bangles for sale which are both stylish for mama and safe for babies with zero risk of drawing blood.  

Didi’s teether is customised with silicone, crocheted wooden beads, wooden beads and wooden elephant engraved with his Korean name. Babies are sensitive to textures and including a mix of materials stimulates their senses, encouraging them to investigate and explore their surroundings. This is how it looked like when we first received it.

Due to extremely frequent usage (I clip it on my carrier using a toy strap), the wooden beads are now imprinted with his teeth marks and the wood isn’t as shiny anymore. To maintain its shine, you can purchase a tin of wood balm from them and reapply when needed. The wood balm is made from organic jojoba oil and beeswax and is safe for babies to ingest.   

These photos were taken a long time ago. I really took my time on this review and can say that this teether is much loved by Didi. 

In this photo, he’s clutching onto my matching teething necklace of the same colour scheme. The string is made from nylon. Mama Tugga uses surgeon knots to reduce loosening and increase friction. Didi is strong for his age and my teethers have yet to snap, so there’s no worry about it being a choking hazard. Nevertheless, to be safe, always supervise your baby when using the teether. 

I like gifting personalised items for baby showers because they feel more intimate and unique. Lazy mama here gets a brain block when trying to choose gifts for newborn babies. Toys? Too common. Clothes? Outgrown in a month. Teethers are practical and can be used as toys. I really don’t have the energy to shop for presents in stores with baby in tow so I outsourced these… 

As the teethers are entirely customisable, you can either spell out the baby’s name with silicone beads like I did for the gifts or have the baby’s name engraved into the wooden part of the teether. Teethers can be personalised with English, Chinese or other languages. Add on a printed note to top it off!

Here are the 3 teethers I purchased as gifts for friends with new additions. 



WIN a baby and mama teether set for your little one! Wooden teethers can be engraved with a name of your choice. 

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*** I received a personalised teether, necklace and bangle set in exchange for a review and purchased three other teethers as gifts. 

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