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The first time I heard of ShopBack was about two years ago. My cousin gave me her referral code to sign up with but I just never got around to using it at all. I’m quite likely the last person I know to use this. I do shop online quite a fair bit and like to look for discounts and offers. We don’t have credit cards so card rebates are not applicable. Cashback for online purchases in addition to existing promotions is definitely something I could use.

What is ShopBack?

ShopBack is a platform which lets you shop and redeem cashback rewards. This cashback is part of the commission ShopBack receives from online stores when users purchase from their links. It’s an example of the sharing economy (shared spaces like kitchens, workspaces, lending libraries). The more users that make purchases through their links, the more commission they get. On our end, we receive actual money into our bank accounts to lessen the damage on our pockets.

It’s sort of like a Linkpoints or PAssion card which gives out money instead of points. The plus point about this is that it doesn’t interfere with existing promotions so you still get to enjoy:

  • Store promotions from the site you make your purchases
  • Card rebates through your card provider
  • on top of cashback!

Some of the retailers they work with includes Book Depository (all sorts of books with FREE international shipping!), Melissa (comfy jelly shoes with resale value $_$), iHerb (probiotics, multivitamins, coconut oil, baby snacks etc), Guardian (health supplements and beauty products) and Honestbee (groceries! I’ve used Honestbee many times… and missed out on cashback that many times as well ㅠ_ㅠ)

There are too many to list but you can start with here for coupons & discount codes and also here for the best deals available. If you’re planning your next trip, you can use this link for your air tickets and hotels!

Is this for real?

I asked my friends who’ve been using ShopBack diligently to capture the amount of cashback they’ve earned so far. They’ve already accumulated 3 digit figures in earnings. Not too shabby at all! It’s not dubious like a pyramid scheme and there are no empty products or membership fees to be paid. The only extra step is to login to ShopBack and click-through to the store.



How to Use ShopBack

1. Click on the desired store via ShopBack, take note of the T&Cs

2. Get redirected

3. Do your shopping and checkout as per normal. Wait for cashback to be added into your ShopBack account!


My First Purchase

I bought some FBT shorts through Lazada and received an email regarding cashback almost immediately. 😀 Which reminds me that I yet again forgot to earn cashback when I used Lazada earlier in the week. ㅠ_ㅠ Pregnancy brain. The cashback seems miniscule but $1.20 is enough for a drink! $_$


Cashback Withdrawal

After more than a year of purchases, I finally made my first Cashback Withdrawal! I made sure to keep at least $10 balance because that’s the minimum amount required before you can do a cash out. To make extra sure that I activated ShopBack each time I shopped, I installed the ShopBack Cashback Button on Chrome.

There’s not much extra work to be done and it’s satisfying to receive cashback on top of all other promotions and discounts.

Click on this link to collect cashback with Shopback today!


1. Check ShopBack BEFORE you do any sort of online shopping to avoid missing out on possible cashback. 

2. Keep to the same window for your purchase. Note the T&C before clicking through. Cashback rates and cashback redemption periods differ from store to store.

3. Cashback DOES expire if your account becomes inactive (no transaction made for a year).

Click on this link to collect cashback with Shopback today!

** I was invited by ShopBack to do a review on their platform.

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