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Now that Elise is no longer a tiny baby but an active and curious toddler, sending her to classes seems like a way for her to expend her energy in a safe environment whilst developing her interests. So far, we’ve observed that she enjoys kicking balls around, likes bobbing to music and scribbling on her doodle board. She joined a term at MyGym before she learnt how to walk which she liked. Since then, she hasn’t been attending any classes. I’m not too keen on Shichida/Heguru type classes as of yet – I do know I intend to enrol her for kiddy martial arts in future so she can kick butt defend herself against bullies. The problem is that there are just too many enrichment centres and classes to choose from and we have to call the centre directly to enquire about trial classes.

This is where Today Got Class comes in. Started by local mothers Jaclyn and Lydia, the free-to-use platform allows parents to search for classes based on their child(ren)’s interest, age group and location. I’ve met up with Jaclyn who left her full time job in order to start this and can tell that she has put in a lot of effort into ensuring that they only work with centres that they are willing to send their own children to. Yes, they have rejected a number of centres who gave off the wrong vibe (e.g. purely in it for the money, lousy curriculum, dirty premises etc). Their hard work paid off when they won an award from Young Parents. They currently feature over 1,000 classes from more than 200 centres.

1. Add a Child & choose interests

The website has a clean and easy-to-use interface with large fonts for people with bad eyesight like me.

2. Classes are displayed according to selected interests

The list of classes that was generated based on Elise’s interests.

3. Click for overview of class & Book Now 


Once you’ve selected your desired class, just Book Now, add to cart and make payment. It’s similar to online shopping but for enrichment classes. They work with centres for deals to offer parents like this one – 4 trial lessons @ Kindermusik for $24! You can let your children attend a few of such trial classes before deciding whether to commit for a term.

With Jaclyn’s help, Elise will be attending a term of Kindermusik lessons from early April. I’ve heard good things about Kindermusik from my friends. Apparently the teacher plays a big part in leading the class. Let’s see how it goes. After this, I’ll look for more activity-based classes for her. There’s also a list of reviews on their blog from parents and kids who have attended the classes!

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