One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed

Elise fell off the bed today after jumping on it and losing her footing. My dad was watching her and when I turned around, she was on the floor, belly up and WAILING. I checked her head for bumps as well as her body for possible fractures. No bones jutting out at awkward angles, no blood, no “weird look”, so I concluded that she was just shocked. Mama instincts are rarely wrong, except for the time I was too laid-back over her supposed lazy-eye… anyway.

I can’t imagine the drama if she presented any of the scary symptoms listed here, because then I’d have to grab all the documents, change out of my ratty PJs and hail for a super fast taxi and rush to the A&E… Uh, no. I’ve had my fair share of drama last year. I’d like to think Elise has an angel beside her protecting her from danger or that she’s just lucky.

I cradled her for about 5 minutes until her wails turned into whimpers and she slowly fell asleep. Hugging her close as she wailed “엄마~ eomma” made me feel useful. For one, this is how Elise ranks our family members – #1 Grandpa, #2 Mama, #3 Daddy. Every night before she sleeps, she’ll walk over to hug and kiss Grandpa a few times, wave like she’s going overseas before toddling back to our room. In the case of Daddy, she doesn’t normally kiss him voluntarily unless he has crackers or fruit in his hand.

The previous time Elise fell off the bed, she was about 8 months old and I wasn’t at home. I’d just knocked off and it was agonising not knowing what the exact situation was. Was it as serious as my husband made it sound? By the time I reached home, she was back to her normal self, but I wish I could have been there for her. This time, I was right beside to comfort her.

It is not possible for us to protect our children from falls or cuts all the time. In fact, she lightly scraped her hand just two days ago. She has been milking it for all it’s worth ever since, as it’s the first time she’s hurt herself. She’ll give a sad pout and show us her injured hand when we ask her where it hurts. Drama mama attention seeker, this one. -_-

This is what to look out for if your child falls from a height:

Head Injury in Children

Bring the child immediately to the emergency department if any of the following signs and symptoms appear within the first 72 hours after discharge.

  • Any unusual behaviour not considered normal for your child
  • Confusion about familiar names and places
  • Worsening or persistent headache
  • Seizures (“Fits”)
  • Unsteady gait (not able to walk normally or steadily)
  • Unusual drowsiness (feeling sleepy all the time)
  • Inability to wake your child from sleep
  • Persistent Vomiting
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Bleeding or watery discharge from the ear or nose

Hospitals with Childrens’ A&E

National University Hospital
KK Women’s & Childrens Hospital

Private 24-Hour Children’s Clinics

Thomson Medical Centre
Mount Alvernia A&E
Gleneagles A&E

I prefer heading straight to NUH because it’s fully equipped to handle any sort of emergency. ^-^

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