The Curious Case of the Comforter

What is my only comforter doing sprawled on my bathroom floor? I put it there of course. Why did I put it there?

About an hour ago, I was preparing to rest for the night. I flipped the blanket over myself, only to realise that it wet my thigh. With a baby or toddler, you really don’t need to switch on the lights to know what caused the wet patch – it’s either one of the Ps (pee or puke). I won the lucky prize of a large patch of baby vomit.

I woke him up and he didn’t even realise she puked. There was no vomit around Elise’s mouth and she was sound asleep. Upon getting out of bed, I also stepped onto some vomit. Before sleeping, my husband let Elise nibble on an apple he was eating so the vomit must have been bits of apple. I still have no idea when Elise vomited and how it was covered up without realising.

After rinsing off solid bits of puke from the comforter, I left it on the floor. I’ll have to bring it to the laundromat tomorrow.

I could rage at my husband but it is probably not a fight I should pick. He didn’t cause her to vomit and he has been working late recently so he doesn’t have much time to spend with Elise before her bedtime. *ZEN*

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