My Encounter with Scoot

UPDATE 14/3/17:

I received this in my email inbox today. With the refund, it’s more or less what I paid for the flight. Since the refund is in the form of travel vouchers, I’ll have to fly with Scoot in order to utilise them. It will be my first flight with Scoot and I hope it’ll be smooth and pleasant. The process to acquire this refund has been extremely tedious. To make things clear, I understand that the airline is not liable to do a refund for no-shows. However, the reason why I persisted with this was because I was reassured by Scoot’s customer hotline which I called on the morning of the flight when Elise was down with fever, flu and cough that a refund was indeed possible with relevant proof (Doctor’s certificate stating that she is not fit for travel).

Scoot’s current refund policy (by the way, if you somehow are unable to fly last minute, your ticket is as good as gone. You can try your luck with ChangeYourFlight but the returns are minimal).

Sequence of Events:
Called Scoot’s hotline on the morning of our flight. Was told that as long as we had proof (MC with “unfit for air travel”), we would be able to receive a refund. We purchased the accompanying travel insurance by Chubbs as well.

15/11/16: Chubbs issues a $95 refund upon receipt of the medical certificate.

5/1/17: Scoot refuses to issue refund as I purchased travel insurance with Chubbs and can “no longer seek a further refund with Scoot”. According to the fine print, my daughter had to be hospitalised in order for me to receive a full refund. We went to NUH’s A&E at 4am on 14/11/16 as her fever spiked but were told that there was nothing that could be done as it was viral. I felt like I was being deceived by their CS.

9/1/17: Scoot asks me to furnish supporting documents including medical certificates and hospitalisation notes, which I did on the same day.

– lots of one sided emails, PMs on Facebook from me chasing them –

14/3/17: Refund vouchers were received.

My conclusion after my experience and observation of Scoot’s visitor posts on their page is that their outsourced customer service hotline is not entirely clear on refund processes in cases of emergency. The next time something similar happens, someone should be hospitalised in order to claim the refund from the insurer.

UPDATE 7/1/17: 

This is the reason why you should reconsider flying with Scoot or using its accompanying travel insurer, Chubbs. Perhaps I am the naive one to believe Scoot’s call centre representative who REASSURED me that I would be able to receive a refund in FULL as long as I had a medical certificate from a doctor with the date, name of doctor clearly visible. She told me that if it was before the flight, I would be able to reschedule my flight and if it was after the flight, I would be able to receive a full refund.

Their call staff are inept and misinformed. Because I trusted them blindly, the $1,300 that I paid for my seats are as good as gone to the fat paychecks of their management. If you think I’m the only dissatisfied customer, please read the visitor posts on their Facebook page.

When Elise was ill, I did think of rescheduling our flights but we did not because:

  1. we were supposed to seek treatment for Elise’s retinoblastoma in Seoul
  2. we were unsure of the exact date to fly on as we did not know if she required chemotherapy or if she would be fit to fly
  3. we were reassured by their hotline staff that a full refund was possible upon submission of a medical certificate

After submitting Elise’s medical certificate to Chubbs, they told me they required proof of HOSPITALISATION which was not communicated to me by anyone.
Moral of the story? If your child falls ill and is unable to fly, get them warded. I have an even better suggestion. Don’t fly with Scoot. Frequent flight delays, making passengers pay for water when trapped in the plane during delays, a complete lack of customer service… the list goes on.

We refer to the above claim.
Please be informed that our Customer Service Department confirmed that there was no call recording obtained from our CHUBB Assist 24/7 Representatives and our Singapore Voice Team is only available from Monday to Friday from 9Am to 5PM.
Based on the above confirmation, we regret to inform you that our settlement to your claim will be final and no further assessment or investigation will be made on our end.
Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us at 6562990988, Monday to Friday, and we will be glad to assist you. Please note your claim reference number and quote it in any communication with us.

Travel Claims Department

Our apologies for getting back to you this late.
As you have already claimed from your travel insurer, we regret to inform you that you can no longer seek a further refund from Scoot.
We wish to inform you also that we do not have any access with regard to the policy of Chubb Insurance as it is a third-party service.
As you mentioned that you have a proof that your daughter was hospitalized, you may try coordinate again with your travel insurer for your claims.
We hope for your utmost understanding.


The Scoot Team


When Elise still had the tumour in her eye, my husband and I were torn between staying in Singapore and seeking another opinion in Seoul.
I booked flight TZ206 to fly on 13th November for all 3 of us. After getting discharged on 11th November, she fell severely ill with a viral infection where she had a bad cough, flu and fever. She was in no state to fly. I also read that air travel would aggravate her fever and flu.

In the morning before the flight, I called the Scoot hotline and was told that if I submitted a doctor’s letter stating that she was unfit for air travel 4 hours before the flight, I would be able to change the date of flight and if I submitted the letter after the flight, I would be able to get a refund. At no point in time was it mentioned that Elise had to be hospitalised in order to receive a refund.

I also purchased Chubb insurance. When we were still at home after the plane took off, I called Scoot to ask them where I could email the letter to. They pushed me to Chubb after knowing I bought insurance from them. On the phone, Chubb promised that I would be able to receive a full refund but they changed their tune and stated that Elise had to be hospitalised in order for them to process a refund. They sent me an email stating that they would refund me a grand total of… S$95, which is less than 10% of what I paid in total.

As we failed to get our butts on the plane regardless of circumstances, I know I should not be expecting a full refund. It is entirely our fault. What I am infuriated about is that Scoot’s staff misled me into thinking that I would be able to receive a full refund as long as I had the doctor’s letter. That money could have paid for Elise’s prosthetic eye. I’ll just pretend the money was used to pay for her surgery.

Regardless, Scoot has a long, long way to go.

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