Late night musing:

I’m grateful for a baby who falls asleep on her own easily so I can have free time for myself at night to work. In this world where everything is uncertain, it is important to find enough sources of income so in the event that one source is cut, the alternative sources will ensure that your world doesn’t crumble. The worst thing is having a job which you hate to the core and drains you but you have no choice but to continue dragging your soul-less body into a crowded train to slog the day out.

I’ve toyed with the idea of quitting my day job for a few months now, but have since put the plans on hold. Even though it pays me a pittance, it is ultimately still my main source of income.


  • Low workload
  • Understanding superiors
  • Flexi-hours (a typical work day ends at 4:30pm and I’m home by 5:30pm)
  • Option to work from home once a week
  • No OT or work on weekends
  • Flexibility to suggest and execute ideas
  • No micromanagement
  • Pay is below market rate 
  • Not being physically around Elise for 40 hours per week 

Combined with other sources of income, I can finally say that I’m earning just as much, or even more than my peers without having to do overtime. It’s inexplicable how some opportunities just fall into my lap, just like that.

When I was first learning Korean, a relative once made a comment that I still remember very clearly to this day – “It’s useless learning Korean”. That could not be further from the truth. Learning Korean opened up a whole world for me. The two years I spent working in an all Korean environment helped immensely in picking up the spoken language and nuances of the culture, both good and bad. 
The question I get asked the most is whether my husband and in-laws are like that of the characters in drama serials. I really lucked out on this one – my husband messaged me on a language exchange site and we dated for months without me seeing his face. It’s like a 복불복 (pure luck) game.

My in-laws like me a lot because whenever he makes me upset and I tell his mother or brother, he’ll get an earful from them. They also told him that they don’t want to see him if he’s not returning with me or Elise. 

My husband is also the one doing the laundry, washing the dishes and doing the cleaning. Both of us are very temperamental though, so when we argue, it’s like hell on earth. The good thing is that none of our fights have lasted beyond a day or two.

In this uncertain world, it is important that we find contentment and security from the ones we love. Tune out the negativity. It helps to keep a diary or space where you record down only the happy moments so it recharges you when you’re feeling down.

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