Elise’s Full Month Celebration/Budget Party Planning

We held Elise’s baby shower early this month when she was 6 weeks old. According to tradition, girls are supposed to have their Full Month celebration before they turn 1 month old. 

Being particularly rebellious and also not wanting to be all stressed out, I really took my time to plan and research for ideas and caterers, keeping my budget in mind now that neither of us are working at the moment. 


Condo Function Room: $100 refundable deposit + $20 cleaning fee

Most people hold it at home or at chalets. My aunt recommended a SAFRA function room, but I was quoted $1,000++ for 4 hours use. I tried to book a multi-purpose hall at the CC but the onePA website was down. 

Another friend offered to link me up with his friend who opened a nice cafe at a yacht club and could give me a friendship rate but it was too inconvenient for my guests to get to. 

So it was back to square one. 

Eventually, a friend who lived in a condominium offered to book the function room for my party and it turned out to be a good decision because the room was bright and spacious. 


Pre-loved Scene setters & twirl decoration: $16 off Carousell 
Baby Shower Banner: Hand-me-down

Puffy Name Cushion: $36 from Little Happy Puffs, reusable as room decoration 
Misc: Cardboard and plastic clothes pegs from Daiso, printed 4R photos, marker pens and tape

I had friends who volunteered to come early to help set up. πŸ˜€ That’s my dad carrying Elise in the reflection. 

Wish I took a family photo against this backdrop. Tip to new mothers: Please get the first guest to take a family photo if you don’t have a hired photographer. 

DIY guest boards with her name cut out from the cardboard packaging of a Cetaphil baby sample. HAHAHA.


Neo Garden: ~$800 for 45 pax after 20% SG50 babies promotion

I chose Neo Garden because it was the safest choice. Neo Garden is a large caterer and I can be assured of its taste and portions, plus set-up and collection was fuss-free. 

Actually it’s because I love their Signature Curry Chicken and wanted my guests to enjoy it together with the bee hoon. I topped up $1 per person to change the dessert to Orh Nee for my relatives, added a side order of Honey Drumlets and redeemed free mini Swiss Rolls. /useallthevouchersandpromotions!

Menu: Fried Mee Hoon, Pineapple Fried Rice, Mushroom Broccoli, Curry Chicken, Honey Drumlets, Cereal Prawns, Spring rolls & Sotong balls, Mini chocolate eclairs, Swiss Rolls, Orh Nee & Iced Lemon Tea 

Yes, the food tasted just as nice. Totally yum yum in my tum tum. HAHAHA. Kidding. I didn’t even have time to finish one serving on my plate because I was walking around and talking to people πŸ™ 

I did have it for dinner that day though. 

After most guests left, my friends helped to pack the food into plastic containers so we cleared out the metal trays completely. I LIKE! I hate seeing perfectly edible food go to waste. 

 Full Month Gift Boxes

The Event

It was a small and cosy event with close relatives and friends, but even then, I didn’t have enough time for each group and it made me feel quite bad for some friends who didn’t know anyone else there.

I’m glad I organised this celebration for her, so she’ll have photos to look back on when she’s older. 

Elise received many presents that day from everyone who loved her, but Grandaunt Amy outdid everyone else with this:

She spent evenings and late nights cutting and gluing the pieces together to create this wonderful and interactive quiet book. I’d known of the idea when I was pregnant but never started it. It’s such a thoughtful, sincere and priceless gift.

It’ll definitely come in handy when she grows older as I don’t like the idea of young children being glued onto iPads. Instead of iPads, I want Elise to get hooked on books, LEGOs and sports. Her dad can’t wait for her to be big enough to swim. I think she loves being in the water because she keeps smiling and kicking her chubby legs around the tub during bath time. I can’t wait. 

Anyway, that’s how Elise had her first party. πŸ™‚ 

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