While you were sleeping…

I would like to announce my most recent achievement. After six full weeks, I’ve finally managed to trim her fingernails. Babies need mittens to prevent them from scratching their faces with their super sharp and tiny nails (which are tooooooo tiny to cut). They’re supposed to be off mittens at six weeks so they can explore their surroundings with their little fingers. 

Baby nails are SO TINY and fragile, and I’ve heard stories of parents who accidentally nicked their baby’s nails whilst cutting them so I tried to put it off for as long as possible. 

Aforementioned Fancy Tools – Little Bees Nail Trimmer, Pigeon Baby Nail Clippers, Pigeon Nail Scissors for Infants

She had her nails cut by my friend’s sister who is a manicurist by profession. I am not and I chickened out so many times even with my fancy tools.
The subject is getting ready.

It is time.

The nail trimmer is supposed to trim her nails safely. It’s actually this round nail file pad which vibrates. The moment it touched her nail, she woke up from the shock. -_- Not working as I expected. I decided to stick to what I know best – the nail clippers. 
I grabbed her tiny hand and held her fingers tightly. I squinted and tried to make sure the clipper wouldn’t cut too deep. Tremble tremble. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. 

Once the first nail was done, the rest were a lot easier by comparison. The nail trimmer does help A LITTLE in smoothing the edges, but I definitely wouldn’t use it to shorten her nails because it would take forever and the vibration seems to be quite strong. 

Anyway, I DID IT! 😀  

*UPDATE* It is 100 times easier using the Pigeon nail scissors to cut her nails as it can be done in a snip, so I use that before using the Little Bees trimmer to file down her nails, especially the edges. 

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