Baby’s HEP B D2 jab

Elise went for her immunisation jab today. It’s not the first injection she’s had, but the first one that we got to see.

I shielded her eyes away from the needle, but she felt the pain and WAILED for an entire minute, then sobbed some more after we exited the room…

sobbed pitifully for some more…

and then…

she dozed off from all that crying. 
She’s currently 5kg (90% percentile) and 55cm (75% percentile). That’s on the other end of the charts as compared to when she was in the womb where the hospital estimated her to be in the 19th percentile. As long as she’s healthy. 🙂

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  1. Hahaha! So cute!
    Must be buay gam wang thats why come out of doctor room still cry!

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