Baby Bed

When I was preparing for Elise’s arrival, I was contemplating whether to get a cot or a playpen. I settled on a cot and set it up in her room where she slept for a few nights when my father helped me with night duty.

It’s so much easier to co-sleep and have baby nearby. I side latch her for her night feeds. /lazymom

Once she settled into a routine, we moved her into a Moses Basket which we placed on our bed in between us. She wet the bedding, not with her pee but with her perspiration. Yes, that thing was like an oven because we don’t use an air-con.

Attack of the Pirate Octopus

The CocoonaBaby was good for a few nights but I always felt unsure and paranoid because babies should only sleep on flat surfaces.

CocoonaBaby? Good for baby but freaks mommy out. /worried about SIDS

In the end, guess what Elise slept on last night?

Yeap, the IKEA Baby Care mat that we use as her changing mat.

$10 bed /gooddeal

Proves that babies can sleep anywhere.