Cloth diapering

Baby E is mostly cloth diapered on Moo Moo Kow at home. Initially, we used disposable diapers and wet wipes for the first week after being told that newborns make too much poop and cloth diapering alone would kill us. 

Disposables were indeed more convenient but we noticed that her bottom started becoming very red and it was then that my husband decided to switch to cloth diapering, at least when we’re at home. I’m not the one doing laundry and he insisted.

This is how our laundry line looks like on any given day – 


  • More cost effective in the long run

    The brand that I’m using is adjustable and can be used until she is toilet trained. A brand new piece costs about S$ 30, cheaper in a bundle set and even cheaper online.

    At least 12 diapers are needed to fully cloth diaper a newborn, but 16 is a safe number. This number decreases as the baby grows older.

    In comparison, a pack of disposable diapers costs $ 25 on average and can be used for about a week or two.

  • Gentle on baby’s skin

    We noticed a marked improvement after we switched from disposables and wet wipes to cloth diapers and water. She no longer suffers from diaper rash. 


  • Slightly more time consuming

    Each dirty diaper has to be hosed down before washing. The inserts have to be washed with each use as it gets heavy with pee.

    Diapers also need to be set before each use.

  • Impractical for outside use
    We cloth diaper her at home most of the time, but when we’re out, it’s disposables only. As each diaper has to be changed with each pee or poop, it’s not practical to bring out 4 or 5 cloth diapers which will only add on to the weight of the diaper bag at the end of the day.

There are a few types of cloth diapers. Mine’s a pocket diaper which comes in two forms – a snap button closure and a velcro (aplix) closure. For newborns, the aplix one is recommended because it’s easy to put on. I’ve read that once they get older, it’s better to use the snap button closures as it’s harder to take off.

It’s already hard enough getting up to change a dirty diaper. Cleaning up a poop filled cot would just suck my soul.

Don’t even talk about prefolds. Stuffing the insert in and placing a disposable nappy liner on top is already enough work. /lazy

StorageWe store our baby’s clothes in a chest of drawers and half of the second drawer is reserved for her cloth diapers and inserts. It only takes us one day to use all these diapers.

Let’s see how long this will last. My husband is helping me with the laundry for now, but once he gets a job, I’ll have to do all the laundry myself…

A queen for 9 months and a servant for a lifetime. How true. 

 At least I have my husband to help me with diaper duty! 🙂

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