Handling a newborn

My friends came over today and they commented that I didn’t seem like a first time mother because I was calm, compared to some others who got flustered whenever their babies cried and had a hard time soothing them.

I’ve always loved newborns and little children because they are like a blank canvas, full of innocence and curiosity. Sometimes, it makes me feel sad that they will eventually get exposed to the evils of the world, but such is life. I teared a few days ago after staring at my newborn’s face and feeling so upset because there is only so much I can do to protect her from evil and sadness. It hurts me to know that she might get bullied or her heart broken someday. 

Which is why I’m going to register her for self-defence classes as soon as she is ready. She doesn’t need to attack anybody, but having the ability to deflect blows and the sense to defend herself against attacks should be considered as a basic skill. 

Babies are pretty simple creatures. Once you get the basics down, sometimes you can preempt their cries and soothe them before they wail the house down. Babies have a few basic needs:

1) Sustenance

AKA food. The ideal standard is to exclusively breastfeed on demand for at least 6 months, but in reality, many mothers prefer using formula in exchange for more sleep.

Anyway, when my baby cries, my first reaction is to offer her my boob. If she doesn’t suckle, then it’s most likely because of a wet diaper.

2) Comfort
My baby can sleep with a soiled diaper, but cries as soon as she has a wet diaper. 

3) Bonding 

Sometimes, all your baby needs is some good ol’ cuddling. 🙂

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