Excavating boogers

Baby E was having a sniffy nose a few days ago. She has yet to learn how to blow it out, so she was having a hard time breathing and kept breathing through her nose. She kept making snorting noises and we were quite concerned but didn’t know what to do until I realised that I had a nose cleaner that I bought during pregnancy.

The Pigeon Nose Cleaner really helped to clear out the mucus and dried boogers from her tiny nostrils. It costs less than $5 and gets the job done. The first few tries weren’t so successful, but once we got the hang of it, we managed to excavate a huge, dried out snot. 
I think it’s because my house directly faces a main road. šŸ™

I use the nose cleaner a maximum of twice a day because she is still tiny and fragile and squishy.

Some parents swear by this (free) method where a parent sucks out snot directly from the baby’s nostrils with his/her mouth. 

HMM. Let’s just say I’m not too comfortable with that yet. 

Let me know if there are other more effective methods to extract boogers from a baby’s nose! šŸ™‚

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