Boob over bottle success!

Some mothers worry about nipple confusion. I’m not sure about their babies, but my baby just made me really proud today. I’d thought of giving my nipples a rest after latching for so many times today, so I took the lazy way out and fed EBM. Breastfeeding should not hurt all the way, but the first few seconds when baby chomps down and begins sucking does hurt quite a bit!
From 100ml of expressed breast milk, my baby drank 10ml from a Medela Calma bottle, 30ml from a Pigeon Peralistic bottle and rejected the teat.
We changed her poopy diaper and tried to feed her the rest. She refused to suckle from the plastic teat and kept wailing but was still obviously hungry.
I then thought of feeding her my boob. She has been latching for more than 5 minutes.
My baby prefers breast over bottle! I knew it.
I’m going to let her suckle until she knocks out into a milk coma.

This has been confirmed twice! Baby fed from a Pigeon bottle in the dawn but woke up to suckle and is again in a milk coma. I had absolute confidence and trust in my baby. 

If she ever shows signs of not wanting to latch and preferring the bottle, I will retrain her and stop bottle feeding. She has a maximum of 2 EBM bottle feeds per day

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