Single pumping

Mummies who pump on double sides simultaneously + are dissatisfied w supply can try single pumping and see if it helps.
My spectra supports double pumping but I have been using it as a single pump ever since I read that Pigeon only produces single pumps because babies also suckle 1 side at a time.

I found it logical. I pump abt 15 mins each side, similar to how baby suckles. Massage mode for 5 mins first before expressing. Milk comes in even during massage mode.
No pumping schedule. I follow my boobie schedule. When my boobs hurt, I look for baby. If she is too full, I turn to my pump.
P.S. Cheapo Daiso LED nightlight in the back. It’s too bright so I covered it with some containers.
P.P.S. My dad saw me with my bottle and said that my supply was “scary” and he split it into 50ml feeds. I still think the magic is in as little stress as possible i.e. relaxed attitude & mindset + a healthy diet + frequent latching and/or pumping.


Before you even start, please make sure you know how to latch baby on correctly and the various breastfeeding positions you can use for the comfort of both you and baby.
Some mothers get sad at low supply or at their baby’s bad latch, but sometimes I wonder if it is because they didn’t learn the techniques correctly. If you think you might be one of them, kindly seek the help of a lactation consultant who will re-teach you right from the basics.

Anyway, I don’t know if I’m being overly confident or just stubborn, but I don’t believe in nipple confusion. Today, my baby was fussing and didn’t want to drink from her usual position (cross-cradle). I got annoyed and chided her firmly. “Elise, you’d better drink now. Do you want the football hold or not? DRINK”. Note that I did not raise my voice or shout at her, but I used a very firm tone. I picked it up from the nurses at NUH.

There were a few nurses who came by at night to help me latch, but there was one particular nurse who made an impression on me. She was very no-nonsense. She ruffled my daughter’s hair and chided her in a firm tone to make her latch and drink.
I am really, really happy because with the techniques I learnt, I became more confident in breastfeeding. I could only imagine if nobody taught me and left me to my own devices. Before the nurses taught me, I was so sad that baby didn’t want to latch when I put the breast to her mouth.

Now, we are doing awesome. My dad, hub and I even predict and pre-empt her cries so she doesn’t even get to cry sometimes. She is 9 days old today. 

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