“You left me in JAIL?!”

I’m still on confinement and had this urge to go to IKEA to get something I needed but I kept getting blocked by my aunts and dad. So I bought what I needed off Carousell. Fine. 

But YESTERDAYYYY. My king sized bed arrived without bedding. My aunt insisted I not leave the house and that she would get a set for me (no thanks). 

After my bath and settling baby, I told my dad “I have something to tell you…I…want…to..get…my…bedding..”

My dad replied “I already know. You didn’t have to tell me”. 

And that is how I got 2 hours of FREEDOM from baby. We went to the nearby mall, got my stuff and did some retail therapy. 2 cute diaper bags yayyyy. 

My dad did insist that I wear long pants before going out though. He also told me to not tell my aunt. Hahahahaha.

I even waved to baby from outside the door and laughed at her “HAHA HAVE FUN IN JAIL!”. Exact words.

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