Rocks for boobs

I just had the sweetest 5 hour sleep of my life. I practically concussed.
Lack of sleep makes you do dangerous things. I was nursing under a cover yesterday (1st time nursing in public!) at the polyclinic and due to some administrative error, I ended up spending more than an hour waiting for nothing. I was so annoyed, I stomped downstairs to complain whilst nursing my baby in a football hold with only 1 hand. I was so angsty. On hindsight, it was very very dangerous. 1 misstep and I could have lost my baby.
Lack of sleep made me flare up easily at the tiniest things too. I was annoyed at people who wanted to help me with my baby. Annoyed with my husband who was trying to make me finish my confinement food (impossible by the way, the portion is enough for a sumo wrestler). Angry with the world. I cried over so many silly things.
So last night, I let my dad do night duty and went to sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep. I woke up with a wet top and rocks for boobs but I regained my sanity. As for my baby, she slept really well as I latched her for about 20 min on each side before handing her over to my dad. When I woke up and looked for them, my dad had already woken her up and fed her EBM so here I am with my pump. My best friend.
Essentials for breastfeeding:
1) My Brest Friend nursing pillow
Other than its intended purpose of letting you cuddle your baby whilst nursing, you can also use it as a cushion to let baby sleep when you want her close to you.
2) Breastpump
Without it, prepare for rock hard boobs which are crazily painful.

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