Boob Milk

My baby is 6 days old and I’m intending to breastfeed her fully for at least 6 months.

Most of the time, I direct latch her but when our timings clash (i.e. when she isn’t hungry when I am engorged or when I need to catch some sleep), I pump it out. It’s also a way for my dad and my husband to experience feeding the baby. I’m blessed that my dad and husband are pro breastfeeding as well.

NUH (hosp I delivered in) suggested no teats, bottles and pacifiers till at least 1 month old. I won’t be using pacifiers, but I strongly believe my baby can distinguish between a bottle and the unique scent of my boobies. I understand the concern over nipple confusion, but in the worst case scenario that it actually happens, I’ll take solace in the fact that she will still be consuming breastmilk instead of formula.

She drank 80ml of EBM today at one sitting. I wonder if it’s too much for her.

I’m not sure if it’s considered an oversupply, but it’s definitely more than enough for my baby.

I would like to encourage mommies here who might be facing problems to not give up. Most importantly, don’t stress yourself. Block out all negative influences and believe in your body.

I’ve always loved babies. I intentionally chose an easy contract job during my pregnancy and had close to zero stress.

I didn’t hire a CL against the advice of my relatives and instead ordered confinement food delivery which has generous portions of fish, pork, chicken, soup and red date tea for lunch and dinner. I bathe with confinement herbs and refrain from cold liquids.

In general, I just do whatever I want and believe that my body can provide for my baby.
Relaxed cows which graze freely produce more milk compared to stressed out factory cows. I have lots to be stressed about. My contract job just ended. My foreigner hubby is still seeking employment. My dad has quit his job to look after me and baby. I’ve put all these at the back of my mind and trust that things will settle themselves.

TL;DR: Relax. Believe in your body. Block out silly people and comments. Rely on your support system – family and friends who encourage and assist.

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