Review: Splat Paint House

“The process is more important than the goal”. Yesterday, I took the kids to @splatpainthouse where they got to immerse themselves artistically. It helped that there were many talented visitors around us experimenting with marbling and blow painting.

In this second floor shophouse studio, mess is encouraged and celebrated. The walls and floors are blotched with bits of dried paint and visitors can do anything they want with the resources available. There are no trainers to advise on art techniques. It’s pretty therapeutic. There’s no stress of having to paint within the lines or be graded on your completed piece.

Limited only by their own creativity, the kids blew paint out a straw, flicked their paintbrushes against the canvas, mixed and poured and used their hands to feel the paint. At one point, Emmett even dipped the string of his hoodie into green paint because he wanted to “paint the snake green”.

Would I bring them back? Certainly. It’s not extremely affordable but I’ll gladly pay the premium so I don’t lose my marbles wiping paint off the ceiling.

Splat Paint House

207a Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574346

Intertidal Walk at Changi Beach Park

Children need freedom outside of the four walls they are forced to spend most of their waking hours of childhood and adolescence in. My husband feels that I bring the kids out too much – if not now, then when?

To prepare for this intertidal walk, we bought aqua shoes (as low as $2/pair from @decathlonsg on sale) to protect our feet from sharp surfaces and maintain grip on the slippery sand.

There was a thunderstorm when we boarded the cab to Changi Beach, and I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to start the walk.

Thankfully, the skies cleared up to a drizzle as we approached. Shannon from Onhand Agarian led our group and we benefitted from his vast knowledge of the marine creatures.

Sea snail laying eggs
Sea cucumber
Sea star
Entangled in a discarded fishing net

Did you know that sea anemones launch their harpoons into your skin when you touch them? Their sting isn’t painful to humans so it feels sticky instead.

In Korea, my husband would dig for clams while on holiday with his family and he picked up some crabs for the kids to watch.

Sticky sea anemone
Hermit crab

It wasn’t easy to walk around certain parts of the beach as the soft sand squelched and sucked in our shoes with each step. Emmett even scratched his knees when he fell on some rocks but it’s all part and parcel of exploration. As with all beaches here, all sorts of trash could be found on the shore. Most of it came from either the boats or neighbouring countries as the product wrappers are not those commonly seen here. Not all our trash, but it’s our beach. You may not make a big difference when you help to clear some trash, but every little bit counts! We didn’t bring home anything – take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints!

We received a huge box of seafood from Shannon in place of our beach side BBQ that could not happen. They offer locally farmed seafood and vegetables in zero waste packaging as monthly subscription boxes!

Fabulously Five

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to have children because of how cuddly and squishy infants are. I also used to tell others that I only liked babies because preschoolers were little brats. There is a Korean description – 미운다섯살 – that translates to “Detestable Five”.

I remember holding Elise as a newborn and wishing she would stay tiny for longer. Nope, it didn’t happen. She is now five. 😭 Having been propelled into big sister status at two meant a lot of my attention was naturally diverted. She sometimes gets into physical altercations with Emmett, yet she is fiercely protective of him everywhere else. 🙄

Generally, she is quite a pleasant child to be around! I was worried that she would be alienated due to her condition but Elise is strong indeed. She doesn’t let it get in her way. When unknown kids at the playground discuss her eye in front of her, I get infuriated on her behalf, yet she just brushes it off and tells them it’s her magic eye.She is proactive in making new friends and I always know she’ll do fine in new classes. She doesn’t mind making herself look silly if makes others laugh. Her repertoire includes the “Rody Dance”, inspired by the robot in Pororo and an incredulous “huh, WHAT?!” that comes complete with an eye roll. One of the things I like the most about her is that she’s not demanding. She wanted a unicorn rainbow cake, but lazy mama here just got her to choose her a tiny cake off the shelf from Chateraise, and they surely didn’t have what she wanted. Neither did she ask where her birthday gift was. It is nowhere, because I buy gifts randomly so they don’t expect presents each birthday.She’s also an animal lover and likes “cats and dogs but cats a little bit more”. Her current ambition is to become a zookeeper and she is prepared to do the dirty work of clearing animal poop in addition to caring for them. Let’s see how that goes!