1 Month with 2 Under 2

I had intended for the title of this post to be “2 Weeks with 2 under 2”. Ha. Ha. Ha. I tried.

This is how last month looked like for me:

1. Baby vomit. On my ratty T-shirt from last night. More baby vomit.
2. “Elise DON’T STEP ON DIDI!”
3. Laundry. More laundry.
4. Weary attempts to finish my meals whilst latching didi on one side and collecting milk from the other.
5. Going to the polyclinic every week to monitor didi’s jaundice levels.
6. Feeling like a puppet running on clockwork trying to reach the ultimate goal of having both kids fall asleep at the same time.

As with last time, I did without a confinement lady, opting for confinement catering and post natal massage. No time to waste accommodating another stranger. I chose to direct latch so there wasn’t anything a confinement lady could do that my dad couldn’t. He boiled red date tea and herbal bath packets, looked after Elise and even went to get more sanitary pads from the shop when mine ran out. 

Speaking of my dad… he never ever wanted kids, much less grandchildren. Our home has transformed from a quiet, dull place when it was just the two of us. We didn’t have anything in common to talk about so we’d watch TV whilst sharing late night McDonalds suppers (McChicken meal, upsized). The house was full of clutter with mismatched furniture and nobody bothered to clean. Junk. Everywhere.

After my dad became a grandfather, it definitely has become much livelier. He discovered by chance that Didi quietens down to “Hickory Dickory Dock”, so the mouse has been running up the clock, tick tock, tick tock. Our house is also a lot brighter than it was before he stopped hoarding things.

How has Elise been coping with the new addition? She has been very doting towards her brother. We’ve seen her patting his head, kissing and hugging him when he cries. Yet when Grandpa carries him, it’s a “NO GONG GONG! DIDI DOWN! MINE!”. -_- As for me… I’m like a zombie running on 110% capacity. The nights are thankfully quiet but a momma never sleeps. 


What’s in my Diaper Bag

We were using the SG50 diaper bag at first, but my husband found it too small to contain all our essential items. He’s now using this roomy black Technogym bag which I received for free when I joined the gym last time.  

These are the items that we have in our diaper bag. The blue bag is for me to carry out when I bring baby out alone, which is hopefully soon… Two more weeks till the end of confinement! 

1. Nursing cover 
For nursing in public when there isn’t a nursing room available. I nursed Baby E in public when she was 4 days old. She seemed stuffy under the cover so I unbuttoned two buttons to let her breathe better.

Some mothers nurse openly in public without a cover, though!

2. Diaper changing mat 
It’s more hygienic to bring along a changing mat because changing tables have been used by thousands of babies and not all parents have the same standards of hygiene.

3. Disposable diapers (+ wet wipes)
About 5 or 6 is a good number to have, along with a packet of wet wipes.

4. Washcloth
To wipe baby up in case she throws up.

5. Muslin swaddle
The ones from Aden and Anais are multi purpose, soft and breathable. I use it as a swaddle and blanket.

6. Set of spare clothes, mittens and booties
Poop and vomit does get onto baby’s clothes. Baby E had a massive poop explosion a few days ago which got onto her clothes, carrier as well as on my dress and hands.
If there’s space for a spare set of mommy’s clothes, pack it in as well.

7. Wet bag
For storing the above-mentioned poop/vomit stained clothes.

8. Bib
The bib is a bit too big for her but I use it anyway because milk dribbles out of her mouth when she drinks.

9. Ring sling / Baby Carrier
I realise she sleeps very deeply when I baby wear her outside.
My ringsling is from The Birth Shop and my carrier is from Pognae. I have a Lennylamb that I’m waiting for her to grow into.

Elise direct latches now so I don’t pack items 10 and 11 yet.

10. Cooler bag with bottles
To store expressed breast milk.

11. Breast pump
In case baby doesn’t want to drink but my boobs are engorged.