BlessingForYou Stella Dave Diaper Bag






One of the newest bags from BlessingForYou, the Stella Dave bag is entirely made in Korea (unlike the blouses my husband bought from Korea with Korean labels which were sneakily made in China) and boasts multiple useful features that are very well-thought out. Certain features are patented and unique to BlessingForYou. 

Weight: 1.34kg
Dimensions: 33.5cm x 45cm x 20cm 
Material: Polyester & Teflon Eco Elite 

We’ve been using this bag regularly for our trips. Previously, our go-to diaper bag was a Superbe because it was light, but it did not have enough compartments and the weight was concentrated on one shoulder, making it uncomfortable to carry for long. We really like this bag and I’ve taken my own sweet time to write this review so I can point out my likes and dislikes.  


This is what we usually bring on weekends for both kids. I’ve learnt much from Elise’s baby days where I over-packed and ended up not using most of the items. I brought nursing covers, feeding bibs, toys… 

With two kids, we need two carriers if we don’t bring the stroller out because the baby isn’t big enough to fit the toddler carrier and the baby carrier is way too tiny for the toddler. The toddler carrier is a lifesaver to control Elise’s major meltdowns. Sometimes I include snacks or a book for Elise if there will be a long train or bus ride. If there’s something I over pack, it’s diapers. More is better than less for something so light. Babies have this impeccable ability to pee and poo on FRESH diapers. The rest are 

I’m a lazy parent and like to pack light. I latch because I’m lazy to pack bottles and formula and I’m a scrooge. I do baby-led weaning because I’m lazy to pack thermal flasks and cutlery.   


  • Flap panel for access to wet wipes and diapers

My favourite feature other than the insulated compartment is the flap panel with a soft hidden magnetic closure because you can access BOTH wet wipes and diapers with one flip! Certain diaper bags have a dedicated pocket with an opening for wet wipes but that’s quite garish and screams “I AM A DIAPER BAG!”. 


  • Compartmentalised

With multiple compartments, you can slot each item exactly where you need it so there is no need to rummage through the bag like a madwoman to locate that teether which has shifted all the way to the bottom. The main compartment has two zippers which can be fully unzipped. The pockets have an elastic opening to maintain easy access while keeping it snug. There are two internal pockets at each side of the bag for water bottles. The change pad is cleverly hidden in a slot at the back and the raincover, at the bottom. 

The rear and side pockets can be zipped to keep your keys and small items safe. 

  • Insulated front compartment

The front compartment is insulated, ensuring that cold items stay cold and warm items stay warm. When I need to express breastmilk outside, I throw in a few Daiso ice packs inside to keep the milk chilled. You can also pop in baby snacks, fruits or even a bottle of warm water for baby’s milk! 

  • Interchangeable flap panel

Switch styles easily with the interchangeable flap panel. Two panels are included with the bag, one with a colourful patterned design and one with a solid colour. Instead of having to transfer all your stuff to another bag, now you just need to swop the front panel for a totally different look and feel. Lazy mama approves! ✓✓✓ It would be even better if they produced more flap panels for separate sale, maybe one with a plastic slot for me to create my own design.

  • Air-mesh cushion

The bag is padded with air-mesh cushions that are strategically placed for added comfort and even weight distribution around your shoulders and back.  Mesh allows air to circulate, allowing the skin to breathe and minimise perspiration. Other bags trap heat and create sweaty hot-points, leaving wet patches on your shirt :O 

  • Teflon Eco Elite certification | Environmentally friendly water resistant properties

What is this fancy term? Google says: Teflon EcoElite™ finish is the first renewably sourced, plant-based, non-fluorinated fabric treatment for durable water repellency and is manufactured with 60 percent renewably sourced raw materials.” It’s also PFC-free. PFCs are a group of compounds with oil and water resistance BUT are harmful to the environment and humans as they are carcinogenic. Responsible companies are now going PFC-free. This bag has water resistant qualities without needing to use PFCs. 

  • Expandable

Most luggage cases have this feature – unzip a portion and it magically expands to fit in all that last minute shopping. Now, the same feature has been adapted into the Stella Dave. Look at how much extra space there is when it is expanded! Mine is always in its unzipped state. I. Need. Space.

  • Stroller hooks

These stroller hooks are incredibly strong. Even when the bag is stuffed to the brim, the hooks are able to withstand all the weight without unravelling or breaking. We leave the hooks on the stroller to hang groceries and other bags too! Notice that the hardware is made of metal, instead of plastic like the cheap ones sold in Daiso. 


Overall, this is a bag which suits our family’s needs and does not compromise on quality, style or eco-friendliness. The zips open and close smoothly and can be opened with one hand. The shoulder straps are padded and don’t dig into our shoulders with the added weight. The D-rings are securely stitched and can bear weight without tearing away from the fabric. If you have a bag with lousy stitching, you risk having the bag tear when you’re out and that’s a disaster when you have a toddler and a baby to handle. 

Read these super detailed reviews (Review 1), (Review 2) by Korean moms! A mom even fit her baby inside her bag! 😀 

BlessingForYou is exclusively distributed by thelittleonesinmylife and retails for S$299 (U.P. $499). Touch and feel the bag for yourself at Booth A03 @ Baby Market and get an exclusive 20% OFF discount at the same time! Check out their Facebook page to be updated. 

** I received this bag in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 

What’s In My Diaper Bag (Toddler Edition): Ju-Ju-Be Minibe

Ju-Ju-Be is a diaper bag brand which is extremely popular with many moms. Part of their success comes from having an extensive range of bags and accessories to suit every need and look whilst coming up with new styles and collections every other month. Not every collection is desirable but most of the Ju Ju Be x Tokidoki releases have been popular.

People have been known to queue overnight outside local retailers to receive a queue number so they can choose the print placements on the bags. There are Right-To-Buy contests, which secures you a confirmed slot of purchasing a bag. Yes, it’s not even free! It is one of the few non-luxury brands where a used bag with a highly sought after discontinued print can command more than a new bag. If you meet a self-confessed Ju-Ju-Be addict, be sure to ask them to show you their “stash shot” because it is likely that the sheer number of bags will make your eyes widen in shock.

It is a slippery slope “down the rabbit hole”, as they call it. I have a number of bags which I purchased pre-loved at reasonable prices from Facebook.

When I bring Elise out on my own, I pack as light as possible because my shoulders are beginning to feel the strain from baby-wearing her. This is how I packed my bag when I brought her out the other day using a Ju-Ju-Be Minibe.

The Minibe is slightly larger than A4 and incredibly light. It’s also machine washable so there’s nothing to worry about if it gets stained with food or dirt.


  • 2 diapers
  • 2 rompers
  • 1 pair of long pants
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 1 bib
  • 1 face towel
  • 1 pack of travel sized wet wipes


  • Wet bag
  • 500ml Tupperware water bottle
  • 150ml straw bottle
  • Zojirushi food jar
  • Hegen storage bottle filled with snacks
  • Bowl with feeding spoon (freebie from Dumex)

Everything in the photo fit nicely into the Minibe with space to spare. The straps are padded for comfort and it’s more accessible than the Anello bag which I used previously. This model does not come with a changing pad.

As I wear Elise in front and carry the bag, I sling my essentials in a large piece from Be Set.

  • Travel brush
  • Tissue
  • Bank tokens
  • EZ-link card
  • HERA BB Cushion
  • Laneige tinted lip balm
  • Peripera Lip Tint
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Earphones (which I don’t get to use anymore)
  • Small piece from Be Set containing cards and cash with keys hooked onto the strap

That’s it! 🙂

What’s in my Diaper Bag

We were using the SG50 diaper bag at first, but my husband found it too small to contain all our essential items. He’s now using this roomy black Technogym bag which I received for free when I joined the gym last time.  

These are the items that we have in our diaper bag. The blue bag is for me to carry out when I bring baby out alone, which is hopefully soon… Two more weeks till the end of confinement! 

1. Nursing cover 
For nursing in public when there isn’t a nursing room available. I nursed Baby E in public when she was 4 days old. She seemed stuffy under the cover so I unbuttoned two buttons to let her breathe better.

Some mothers nurse openly in public without a cover, though!

2. Diaper changing mat 
It’s more hygienic to bring along a changing mat because changing tables have been used by thousands of babies and not all parents have the same standards of hygiene.

3. Disposable diapers (+ wet wipes)
About 5 or 6 is a good number to have, along with a packet of wet wipes.

4. Washcloth
To wipe baby up in case she throws up.

5. Muslin swaddle
The ones from Aden and Anais are multi purpose, soft and breathable. I use it as a swaddle and blanket.

6. Set of spare clothes, mittens and booties
Poop and vomit does get onto baby’s clothes. Baby E had a massive poop explosion a few days ago which got onto her clothes, carrier as well as on my dress and hands.
If there’s space for a spare set of mommy’s clothes, pack it in as well.

7. Wet bag
For storing the above-mentioned poop/vomit stained clothes.

8. Bib
The bib is a bit too big for her but I use it anyway because milk dribbles out of her mouth when she drinks.

9. Ring sling / Baby Carrier
I realise she sleeps very deeply when I baby wear her outside.
My ringsling is from The Birth Shop and my carrier is from Pognae. I have a Lennylamb that I’m waiting for her to grow into.

Elise direct latches now so I don’t pack items 10 and 11 yet.

10. Cooler bag with bottles
To store expressed breast milk.

11. Breast pump
In case baby doesn’t want to drink but my boobs are engorged.