Rasa Sayang: Sing and Record Fun Book by Baba baa

What could possibly be in this box? A lamb can’t fit in it. 



Better than pizza

Delicately packaged in blue crepe paper was a sound book. I have many sound books for Elise which my dad uses to read stories to her but there’s something special about this particular book. 

The Rasa Sayang: Sing and Record Fun Book is a fun collection of seven Malay folksongs including very familiar tunes like Chan Mali Chan (hey hey!), Rasa Sayang and Bengawan Solo. These familiar folk songs have been sung many times, but I have no idea what the songs mean and I can only sing the chorus and hum the rest of the tune. I also have to admit that I haven’t heard the other songs before I received this book. Elise won’t be the only one learning from this book for sure.  

7 push buttons with icons that correspond to the folk songs. The construction of the book is solid and it also includes an interesting feature – 


a record and playback function! If your little ones are old enough to sing, this feature allows their voices to be recorded in the book. If they aren’t, you can show off your singing skills by recording your voice while singing. 
Control panel with 3 modes – music, record and playback. There are also volume control buttons and an inbuilt microphone.

Elise can’t yet fully enjoy the features of this book but as she is Singaporean, I feel that it is necessary for her to learn about the many cultures that make up our country and that of our neighbouring countries, Malaysia and Indonesia. 
What I like about the book is that it is very well constructed and it is one-of-a-kind. It is the first book of its kind for children to be produced in the region and the songs are a unifying factor for all 3 countries. As such, the production of the book also involved talents from these 3 countries. Lee Jiun is Malaysian, the production company is from Singapore and the voice behind the songs belongs to an Indonesian lady. 

About the Rasa Sayang: Sing and Record Fun Book
Produced by Peyron Singapore | Translated by Lok Lee Jiun & Serene Ding | Illustrations by Aditya Pratama | Songs performed by Kezia Evana Jaya

It all started when Ms. Lok Lee Jiun, a lawyer and a mom to a little boy named Hugo, realised that while there was plenty of songbooks in English, Japanese and Chinese, there was a lack of material in Bahasa. Instead of letting it slide, she set off creating her own book. 

Plenty of hard work went into the making of this book, from start to end. She translated the songs into English which is useful for non-Malays to gain a deeper understanding behind these popular folk songs and sing the English version. 

She engaged illustrator Aditya Pratama to add his vivid artwork to attract the young readers. Kezia’s voice brings the songs to life and makes the whole book a pleasant multi-sensory experience.

The baba baa mascot looks like a monster but is actually a baby goat called “baba”, designed by Italian designer Tobias Bernard. It is mischievous, curious, smart and funny. As a treat, baba is hidden in every page of the book for observant young ones to spot, much like how our PETS coursebook used to have cute characters hiding everywhere. 

Rasa Sayang translates to Feel the love in English. Indeed, a lot of love and effort has been put into the creation of this unique book. The website itself is entertaining and there are free colouring & drawing activity sheets which you can print out for your young ones. 

The Rasa Sayang: Sing and Record Fun Book is available for sale at S$27 while the gift set with a plush toy retails for S$33 (+S$10 shipping fee for those living in Singapore and Hong Kong).
GIVEAWAY:The baba baa team is giving away a brand new Rasa Sayang: Sing and Record Fun Book to 1 lucky reader!
This giveaway is open until 11:59pm, 13 November 2016 and is only open to readers residing in Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong. 
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** I received a book for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. 

Peek-a-book Boutique Gift Store

On Elise’s actual birthday, I couldn’t spend the day with her because I was working so we went for a simple dinner. The evening was made sweeter because we received a big brown box tied with a beautiful bow from peek-a-book. Her first present!
I unraveled the ribbon, opened the box and out popped a soft, cuddly, floppy-eared bunny! I couldn’t stop stroking it. 😀 It had Elise’s name embroidered in bright pink thread on its ear too. 
Apart from the bunny, there was a personalised drawstring pouch containing 3 sets of flashcards (A to Z, Colours, Numbers) and two board books, perfect for her age. The two books were Animals, a baby touch and feel book showing animals and their textures – furry, scaly and slimy (there was a picture of a snail on the last page so I quickly shut the book. Elise loves it though) and The Going to Bed book which I will be sure to read to her when she has problems sleeping. 
I appreciate how the box was thoughtfully packed – it contained mostly educational tools which parents appreciate and a plush bunny for play. 
Bunny, Flashcards, Board books. A+ for packaging! It’s simple and classy.

The flashcards are made of cardboard and single-sided, featuring colourful illustrations of animals. I feel rather guilty that I haven’t been teaching her anything, so this will definitely come in handy. #LearnYourABCsElise 

I’m going to pack the flashcard pouch into my diaper bag so it can entertain her during long train rides. Otherwise, she’ll be busy waving to passengers and trying to disturb them. Perhaps she’s training to be Miss Singapore. 

“What comes after 2? 1?”
She looked through the flashcards but promptly abandoned them for the board books, especially the Animal one. She spent about 10 minutes engrossed in the book, which is an eternity in baby time. 
Bunny: “Let’s play, Elise!”

Elise was so focused on the book, bunny didn’t stand a chance.  

Bunny: “Can we play nowwww? Huh?”
Bunny: “Look at MEEEE!”

She unceremoniously tossed bunny to the back until she finished reading her book. The good news is that bunny is my new buddy and has claimed its spot on our bed. 

About peek-a-book

peek-a-book is an online boutique gift store that specializes in gift boxes for mums and children. The idea came about when Daisy, a Singaporean mum delivered her first child and received very similar gifts from family and friends. She felt 
that people did not have many options to choose from when purchasing gifts for new mums and began making her own gift boxes for friends.  

The first box she put together was a New Baby Box which included a bunny, books, milestone cards and a picture frame.

The idea is for everything in the box to be the baby’s first – the bunny as baby’s first best friend, the books can be the first set of books to start their library, milestone cards to capture their first milestones and the picture frame can hold the first ever picture of them.

Other than personalising the bunny and flashcard pouch, they also offer customised, one-of-a-kind boxes. Just contact them for a discussion. Their products are also available for separate sale, like the bunny, flash cards and baby tooth box, which can be engraved as well.

How did the name peek-a-book come about? 

peek-a-book sounds like “peek-a-boo!” so Daisy and her team wanted to capture the playfulness and surprise babies get when they open the box. As each box will always include a story book, they named it peek-a-book!

Is it worth it? 

If there’s one thing I can’t do that well, it would be gift-buying. It’s not easy to get a gift that will be used by the recipient and I prefer buying practical presents or something not readily found in stores. We attended a lot of first birthday parties in October but I took the easy way out and just gave red packets to the babies. Personalised gifts are great because they can’t just be bought from anywhere and it’s more heartfelt as compared to a store bought gift. 

peek-a-book also takes the stress out of hunting for a last-minute present at Kiddy Palace or mothercare (we all know that feeling) and makes your gift extra special.


** Peek-a-book gifted us a personalized box for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received.