Melody Bakes Lactation Cookies

I received this lovely box of lactation cookies from Melody Bakes a few days ago. Lactation cookies are cookies with galactagogues baked into them to increase breast milk supply in a tasty way. The three main ingredients of lactation cookies are oats, flax seed and brewers yeast. 

Honestly speaking, I am able to produce enough breast milk for Elise with a surplus for use as bottle feeds. However, I’m not sure when this will last because my confinement food delivery has ended and nobody knows when this oversupply will last. It’s good to have another (yummy) option to explore in case my supply dips. 

This is the sampler box which costs $36 inclusive of delivery. It’s good if you are tempted by all the flavours and can’t decide which one to have. 


(L-R) Cranberry White Chocolate, Lactation Butter Cookie, Longan Red Date, Caramel Red Date, Gluten Dairy Free

Melody has interesting flavours like Longan Red Date and Caramel Red Date. The ingredients are finely blended and the cookie isn’t too sweet and overpowering like a certain famous brand of cookies. The chia seeds and red date creates some texture and makes it fun to chew.

Longan Red Date

Gluten Dairy Free doesn’t contain any butter, eggs or flour. It resembles an oat ball with chocolate which isn’t unpalatable, but as I don’t have a gluten allergy, it’s not really a flavour that I’d go for.

Caramel Chocolate

My favourite cookie is the Caramel Chocolate. It holds up well and doesn’t crumble into a big mess when I bite into it. It’s not too sweet and I like the bits of sweet caramel.

Bite Sized Lactation butter cookies

Since they are lactation cookies after all, let’s talk about how effective these cookies have been. This is my average yield when Elise drinks expressed milk from a bottle and I pump out my milk.

125ml + 80ml = 205ml


This is what I expressed out this morning after having 2 (or more?) longan red date cookies for breakfast.
65ml + 160ml = 225ml

Results may vary from person to person. 


It’s really easy to mistake them for regular cookies because of the pleasant taste and end up overeating. At least the butter cookies come in tiny bite size pieces so you can do some portion control. 

According to Melody, the cookies can be kept for up to 3 weeks in an airtight container. There’s no standard amount to eat for maximum effect, but she recommends about 5 pieces. I finished the entire tin in 4 days. 😀

Note: These cookies do increase milk supply, ceteris paribus, but do try to find out the main reason for your supply. Is it stress? Low fluid intake? Lack of protein? I try to keep myself as stress-free as possible and do not follow any pumping schedule or keep a detailed record of my supply. 

That said, these cookies are really tasty and anyone can eat them without side effects. It makes for a good homemade treat with benefits for mummy! 

The cookies were sent free of charge by Melody Bakes for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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