Review: E-Cloth – Perfect Cleaning with just Water

With our practical kitchen functioning well, the kids can now prepare their snacks without additional help. To complement their holistic kitchen experience, I’ve set up a wall nearby with E-Cloths for them to wipe up spills. I’ve been using the cloths to do quick wipe-downs and I like how it wipes off cleanly, leaving no trail or stickiness. 

E-Cloth Microfibre
100x finer than human hair, divided into 16 fibre filaments that are processed (higher absorption). 480,000 fibres per square CMFlat weave (poorer absorption & cleaning properties)
Tightly woven so only an extremely small amount is shed during washesTypical microfibre cloths with lesser density loses effectiveness quickly
No chemicals required – just use waterCleaning chemicals required

What I like about E-Cloth

  • Lab-tested by Silliker Group, an independent lab. Proven to remove over 99.9% of bacteria including E.Coli, listeria and aspergillus
  • Suitable for little hands or persons with sensitive skin. No gloves needed because you only need water.
  • Reusable for up to 300 washes
  • Dirt gets trapped in E-Cloth instead of getting pushed around surfaces. Low transfer rate. Wash in hot water to release trapped bacteria.

Eco-friendly or not?

  • All fabrics shed and enter the waterways when laundered. An extremely negligible percentage is shed every time an e-cloth is washed.
  • Friendlier compared to commercial cotton, which is the world’s most toxic crop due to the heavy use of pesticides. You can opt for organic cotton but it may not have the cleaning capabilities of an E-Cloth.

* E-Cloth does not contain silver. The purpose of silver is to prevent bacteria growth in a used cloth and only adds to the cost price. It was excluded as it does not affect the cleaning performance of the cloth. 

There are other cleaning cloths but I chose E-Cloth for its relative affordability, straight business model and lab results that were conducted by an independent lab. 

  • Stay tuned for giveaways / group buys!

Another Milestone

Her prosthetic eye moves out of alignment easily nowadays, and when it’s misaligned, it can appear frightening to others. When that happens, I am tasked to realign it using a small suction cup. Knowing how uncomfortable it is, she drags her heels on it. If she flatly refuses, I have to clamp her down with my legs and use one hand to pry open her eyelids while squeezing in the suction cup while she cries murder.

Today, she decided to try doing it herself. With some verbal guidance, she caught the hang of it and not only took it out, but re-inserted and aligned her eye! No tantrums, no screaming. Mighty proud of herself for having achieved this milestone, she ran off to brag to her dad and granddad, while I shared this accomplishment with her doctor via email!

Go away, COVID-19, nobody likes you

This photo was taken in May 2018 in a sauna. My mother-in-law had been avoiding bathhouses because she had mastectomy done as cancer treatment. In Korea, appearances are important and physical “flaws” can cause major embarrassment. I somehow managed to persuade her by saying that everyone will be focusing on themselves rather than people-watching in the bathhouse.

In the end, the bathhouse turned out to be more terrifying for me than for her. Emmett was a tiny bubba 8 months young, and there were only a few pools with a suitable temperature for him (~37°C). I’m not sure if you’ve encountered Korean ajummas, but their level of entitlement is next level. A bunch of ajummas waded over and wrangled Emmett out of my arms because he was “so cute” and they all wanted to hold him. Years of studying the language and culture of Korea did not prepare me for this.

“So cute”

Two years should be enough to recover from that traumatic experience (kidding, we busted our budget on Japan last year) and so we booked tickets to Korea and Jeju for late April through May. That timing is perfect because it overlaps two Public Holidays here and the Golden Week in Korea. Taking long leave in Korea is unheard of and it was the perfect time for my BIL and SIL to hang out as well. ⁣ ⁣

From the way things are going, I doubt the dust will settle in time for us to visit. We’ve since cancelled the Jeju trip. ⁣
I’ve put in a refund request for our other flight too because nobody can come out alive after 14 days indoors with two kids. Maybe they’ll survive physically, but they’ll be dead inside. 😭

Right now, the only thing that needs to die is C19. Someone once told me that certain gods are mercenary gods – you give them offerings in exchange for things that you want. That’s an idea.